I specialise in drink photography and liquid photography generally. I love to photograph drinks as they are so graphic and yet can be extremely complex to shoot. Not only is there drink itself to photograph, there is also the art of creating atmosphere and depth to an image.

 I was born in London. I decided to be a photographer when I was ten. I turned pro aged sixteen. In 1989 my life was turned on its head when my girlfriend was killed when The Marchioness sank on the Thames.I found the following ten years a struggle. It did however teach me many valuable life lessons. 

I am still fascinated by images, be they moving or still. My passion for this only grows. Having grown up in a pre digital world, I love the potential that new technology offers, both creatively and from a business perspective. I have done Ki Aikido for many years and I am currently a 5th dan black belt. My work is also my hobby and it is a very rare day when I do not have a camera with me.



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